It’s FART CLUB!!!!! Yes, the Fartiverse expanded when Martin Kennedy (aka Fartboy!) went to High School. But not just any old school … he won a scholarship to THE AMAZINGLY FANCY SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE IN SPARKLE CITY!

Martin makes new friends, but not just any old friends … stinky, fart-powered friends! Together they become … FART CLUB!

With full colour pages, graphic novel pop-outs and even more smelly action and humour than Fartboy, this series takes the stink to a whole new level!

Target Age: 7-12 years old
Length: 192 pages (~8000 words)
Number of Fart Jokes: 3,796!
Illustrator: Once again I am SO LUCKY to work with the AWESOME James Hart!
Where can you buy the books? Through the Scholastic website, Book Clubs and Book Fairs, at all good bookstores, and at the big stores like K-Mart, Big W and Target!