Yes, I love doing school visits! In fact, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. I even enjoy virtual visits, but definitely prefer in person, so here’s to a restriction-free 2022!

For visits in 2022, please contact me directly at or 0432 720 450
or chat to one of my booking agents (see below):

LAMONT BOOKS – all relevant details HERE 


Fun, exciting and interactive
Writing and Cartooning Workshops!

I talk about my books, tell the kids the writing techniques I used, and then we use those techniques to create amazing stories. We then do crazy cartooning exercises, before every child draws an awesome picture to take home. Even reluctant writers, readers and drawers will find the work achievable and fun.

MAXIMUM 4 sessions per day.

VISIT COST OPTIONS (Note: Lamont Books also charges an Agency Fee):
(Costs are the same for virtual or in-person visits)

OPTION 1OPTION 2OPTION 3 (Minimum 30 children)

1 Session: $300+GST

2 Sessions: $450+GST

3 or 4 Sessions: $600+GST
Full day of workshops (Max 4 sessions)

Receive 5, yep FIVE follow up lesson plans,
to build on the momentum created by the visit!

COST: $1,000+GST for first day
$500 +GST for any subsequent days
Book up to 4 sessions per day.

COST: $10 per child

Receive the 5 follow up lessons plans AND

Every child receives a signed Adam Wallace Book!!!

Age Range: My sessions are for Primary School students only, anywhere from Prep to Grade 6.

Session Length: One hour is preferred, but if your timetable has 50 minute sessions, that’s great too!

Maximum Group Size: Up to around 125 students, but exceptions can be made!

Working With Children Check? CHECK! Yep, I have one. I am checked and ready to work with children!