WOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK! Why? Well, let me tell you!

  1. It is my favourite rhyming rhythm story I have EVER written!
  2. The pictures by Shane McGowan are SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!
  3. It was inspired by a REAL bullant being in my house … it didn’t bite me on the bum, but it wanted to!

So then, what’s the story about? Basically it’s about a verrrrrrry cheeky kid! There was a bullant in his bedroom and it bit him on the bum … then there was a tiger in the toilet, a hippo in the hallway, a gorilla in the garden and more!!!

What’s he going to do with them? Well, for a young lad with a sister, there’s only one feasible and naughty option … in her bed!

Target Age: 4-8 years old
Number of dangerous animals: 9
Number of Grandpas sat on by a hippo: 1
Place you can buy it? 1,000,000! It’s at all good online and in real life person bookstores, as well as through Scholastic’s website, Book Clubs and Book Fairs!