FARTBOYYYYYY! The stinky hero for the ages! But who is Fartboy? Well, Martin Kennedy was the cleanest kid ever. He was on the anti-gross committee. He helped Sparkletown win the World’s Tidiest Town title 17 years in a row. He had never, ever passed wind!

But then, in a terrible explosion at the Baked Bean Factory, two things happened.

  1. Martin’s parents disappeared
  2. Martin gained the most explosive fart powers in history!

And so the adventures and the disgusting villains and the massive battles and the search for his parents began!

Target Age: 6-9 years old

Word Count: Each book is between 4 and 5,000 words

Illustrator: The AMAZING James Hart!

Where can you buy these stinky books? Through Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs and at ALLLL good online and in real life bookstores! If they haven’t got it, they’ll order it for you!