Oooooooooh, scary times! I loooove horror movies and books and TV shows and comics!!! So now I have worked on creating a collection of 6 horror stories for kids!!!!

They are SO scary! (Not really, they’re more funny than scary)

You may pee your pants! (You won’t. But there is a warning on the inside so you can check if you think they may be a little scary for right now)

The illustrations are done by the gruesomely awesome Kat Rattray!

There are even stories written by kids! 5 of them! And at the end of the book it tells you how you can get a story and picture in the next Adam Wallace Presents book! CRAZY TIMES!

If you’re feeling brave, get a signed copy by clicking HERE!!!!!!

Target Age: 8 or 9 to 12

Number of scares: 4