This is just about my all-time favourite series! Just about. It is awesome on purpose though! Jackson Payne is based, well, kind of on me, but also on awesome shows like Inspector Gadget, Get Smart, and The Pink Panther.

Accidentally Awesome, Blunderingly Brilliant, Disastrously Daring and Erratically Epic are all on the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge List!

These books are illustrated by the AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING James Hart!

Target Age: 6-10 years old, unless you’re older and like cool funny stuff.

Word Count: All books are around 7,300 words or so.

This series is available on Amazon and other online stores as well!

Watch a video of James and me at The Big Goose Farm, trying to get the animals to read (and not eat) our brand new book, Frantically Fantastic!!!