24 Absolutely, Totally True Facts About Penguins!

WOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE PENGUINS! So does James Hart! I mean, seriously, who doesn’t?

You? Really? Get outta here!!!!!

The rest of you penguin lovers can stay, because this book teaches you 24, count ’em, 24 facts about penguins! And they are all true! Seriously.

For example, penguins can’t fly. Penguins can lose all their feathers once a year. Penguins do only live in the southern hemisphere. Penguins can’t do the limbo or drive a Formula 1 race car or bake a 12 tier wedding cake! See? All true!

Learn all about penguins and have fun at the same time. It’s the best way to learn.

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Target Age Group: 4-9 years old.

Actual number of facts about penguins in the book: 25 … yep. I got the title wrong hahaha!!!