Well, well, well, well, well! What’s new indeed? After a HUGE and AWESOME 2023, I am SO excited not just for the new projects coming out in 2024, but new things I am working on as well!

First up, the AMAZING Ingrid Laguna and I are launching brand new school visits and teacher PDs!!! We use a mix of writing techniques (honed over a combined 20 years of visits) and improvised comedy (we have both studied at Impro Melbourne and Improv Conspiracy) to teach kids how to become confident learners and writers and to teach teachers how to build confident learners and writers. Our first sessions have been so much fun and we can’t wait to do more!

Next are video ventures. These are still in planning mode but will again be utilising my impro comedy skills and using them with special guests to entertain and inspire children! More soon!

In terms of books, there is a new series from the awesome team at Larrikin House! This series is about two best friends, Numbskull and Nincompoop, and is, I think, the funniest thing I have ever written! It’s also illustrated by the superstar that is Dave Atze, our first book together that has been a looooooong time coming! Here is the Book 1 cover, out May 1, 2024!

Next on the book menu is Easter Bunny’s Secret Diary, out on February 1, 2024! This is a follow-up to Santa’s Secret Diary, which I did with Scholastic last year. These books are illustrated by the insanely talented Shane McG, who also illustrated Santa’s Diary and There’s a Bullant in the Bedroom! The Easter Bunny’s secret diary shows how the lead-up to easter is ANYTHING but smooth!

Another follow-up is A Very Dinosaur Christmas, out in the second half of 2024. This follows on from A Very Dinosaur Birthday which came out in 2023. The dinos are back causing chaos, this time at a family Christmas, where everything that can go wrong does go wrong … but they have a good heart and want to turn things around. But can they? Here’s the cover!

Not only this, but I have a BRAND NEW 4 BOOK series coming out with Harper Collins, that I have co-written with one of my favourite people and best friends, Lisa Foley, and it’s being illustrated by one of my favourite people and best friends, James Hart! This is called 18,000 Holes in the Universe, and is an adventure comedy about 5 friends who get sucked into a magical golf course … WHERE THEY ALMOST DIE FROM BEING EATEN BY DRAGONS! And in Book 2 THEY ALMOST DIE BY BEING SMASHED BY MASSIVE FOOD MONSTERS AND GIANT CABBAGES! In Books 3 and 4 … THEY ALMOST DIE AGAIN!!!!!
The illustrations and covers are being done AS WE SPEAK!!! GO JAMES!!!!!!! Book 1 is teeing off August, 2024!!!!

Then there are some more stinky books! While it was sad to see the end of the Fartboy series, with Book 9 coming out in 2023, Farty Pets 4 (April 1, 2024) and Fart Club 4 (not sure of the release date) roll on in 2024! The butts are back!

And there are more and more books I am working on to come out in 2025, as well as a number of screenplays including A MUSICAL!!!!!!!
So stay tuned, more info will be on its way later in the year!
Thanks so much, have THE BEST year, and seeya soon!
Adam Wallace