WHAT’S NEW IN 2023???

I just realised I didn’t do this for this year, 2022, so now am back with a vengeance for 2023! And there is SO MUCH HAPPENING I AM SO EXCITED!

First up, we are expanding the Fartiverse! FARTBOY 9 will be coming out, along with FART CLUB 3 and 4!!! I haven’t got covers to show for these yet, but they’re coming!

AND we are also releasing a new farty series – FARTY PETS! These are starter chapter books/decodable readers for younger readers and are SO COOL! James has illustrated them in full colour and they look amazing! Here are the main characters:

So that’s the stinky books! I’m also SUPER PUMPED to have books coming out with the amazing Tommy Nelson Publishers in the USA. They are an imprint of Harper Collins, so this is really exciting, and check out the first cover by the amazing Christopher Nielsen.

On top of this we will have If a Dragon is Your Best Friend, which comes with a little dinosaur toy!

And we have Pugnacious and Scuttlebutt Book 2 – S.M. Ellybutt Strikes back! The first one has gone super well and the second one is, in my humble opinion, even funnier!

Annnnnnnnnnd there’s a super good chance that a new series will be starting up as well – Numbskull and Nincompoop!

And that is it! It’s a huge year coming up in the Wallace house, I am so very pumped for all these books. Kids often ask me what the least favourite book I have done is, but I can honestly say that every book I have had published has been a massive thrill, and it almost gets more every time.

I love this! I love that even after doing a good number of books, I still get more excited now. That’s why I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life!

Have an amazing day, and an even more amazing 2023!

Adam Wallace

December 14, 2022