Hello everyone! Spring is upon us, which is very very exciting! Footy finals, warmer weather, and baby animals!

But it is also a hard time for a lot of people, who are classified as homeless.

Sooooooooo … this September, 2021, I am running a Warm Australia campaign, to help the homeless feel warm and look cool! I am donating a whole bunch of my merch to the homeless for World Homeless Day on October 10, and would LOVE your help, because together we can really make a difference!

Also, I am aiming for 300 items of clothing to give away!

At www.adam-wallace-books.com/donate there are hoodies or shoes you can buy for homeless people. They will get delivered to me, and I will distribute them out. I also choose the sizes, so we have a good range, and you can buy for men, women or kids, because homelessness affects or effects everyone. Also, 50% of the profit order will go twards another item as well! Double win!

Orrrr, at www.adam-wallace-books.com/merchandise you can get your very own Wears Wally merchandise to wear wherever you wear it! If you do that, 50% of your order profit will go towards an item to give to the homeless.

Of course, times are hard for many people right now, and if the price of a hoodie or shoes is beyond you but you would still like to help, at www.adam-wallace-books.com/donate you can also donate dollars, as many or as little as you can afford, and every dollar seriously helps so much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and have an amazing day. If you want to check out some people lookin’ stylish in the merch, go to our FASHION WALL!