What’s new in 2021???

SO MUCH IS NEW!!!!! I am SO excited for this year and the books I have coming out. Last year was awesome, this year will be next level. So what’s in store book-wise? Well, this is the to start with list …

On the self-publishing front, I have once again teamed up with the wonderful Katt Rattray to do a collection of short stories, this time on the alien side of things! Amazing Alien Adventures lands on earth May 1, 2021!

Also arriving on earth from Scholastic are at least TWO new Fartboy books! Book 4 – Let it Rip, released January 1, 2021, had Fartboy battling the evil Dr Dirt and his giant Dust Bunnies!

Book 5 sees Fartboy taking on a whole gang of disgustingly evil and gross villains as he tries to save his parents, and then in Book 6, which I think is out this year as well, the Disco Boogeyman puts a little boogie in it and turns all of Sparkletown into dancing zombies!

Also with Scholastic is an un-bedtime story I am super excited about, a Father’s Day book with some of the best/worst Dad jokes ever, and the one I am MOST excited about, picture book-wise, is There’s a Bullant in My Bedroom!
Oh boy, this one is one of my favourites ever, and will be out, I believe, in June.

I am also working with the amazing Mary Nhin on a series of books – the Never EVER series! Our first one out, due for release in January, 2021, is Never EVER Marry a Mermaid!
Following that are Never EVER Lick a Llama, and Never EVER Upset a Unicorn and more!

So that is it for now, as far as I can remember … there are some other books in the works as well, which will hopefully get into the world this year, and what happened last year was that new things popped up I hadn’t expected!

Thank you so much and see you in the books!

  • Hi Adam,
    My 4/5/6 students and I are huge fans of your books, with more than 20 borrowing copies in our own class library. Our favourite book series are Fartboy and Cowboy and Birdbrain.
    I always keep my students up to date on upcoming book releases, and so when I announced a new Fartboy arriving in October my speech was met with great elation.
    My students had a question and I wanted to share. We are wondering please if there might be more Cowboy and Birdbrain stories to come?
    It seems we, my students and I, agree we’d very much like to see further adventures of the craziest/most lovable duo in today’s literature.
    We hope our comment finds you well.

    Best wishes,
    Mr Leigh Nichols and 4/5/6 Nichols students.