YESSSSSS! There are going to new books in the world in 2020, written by me and illustrated by other people … and maybe by me as well!

So what books are coming out this year? Well, let’s have a little look see!

Yes! It’s Fartboy, a brand new hero! Fartboy is a new series for Scholastic, written by me and illustrated by MY hero, James Hart! The first book is being squeezed out in February, and then there will be two more coming out THIS YEAR! We’re hoping they aren’t stinkers, and will pop off the shelves at record speed!

One warning though … they are NOT for the faint-farted!

Okay, next there is a picture book James is also illustrating … we don’t have a cover for that one yet – well, we kind of do but I don’t have the image on my computer yet – but it is going to look amazing! Trust me. There’s another fact! Anyway, the book is called 24 ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY TRUE FACTS ABOUT PENGUINS. And there are 24 facts but this is a seriously silly book, and is true in its craziness and the kids will learn facts but … anyway, you’ll see! It’s coming out in MAY, 2020!

Right, next there is a book coming out in MAY, 2020 that I have collated. This means there are stories by other people (HINT: They’re actually all me) and I put them together in a book! And … THEY ARE HORROR STORIES FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

So they are gruesome and gory and scary and creepy and fuuuuuunnnnnyyyyy!!!!!! It’s called HORRIFYING TALES OF HORRIFIC HORROR!!! This one is being illustrated by someone I haven’t worked with before, but she’s super cool and talented, and she loves horror almost as much as me! Her name is Katherine Rattray. We don’t have pictures yet, but they’re coming!

Ummmmmmmm … oh yeah, so the other books that are coming out I am SOOOOOOOO excited about! This is a series that had three books released in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The first was called The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee, then there was Pete McGee: Dawn of the Zombie Knights, and finally Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness. These novels for kids are my favourite books I have ever written. And, in 2017, I wrote a fourth book to finish off the series, called Pete McGee: The Final Journey.

I am getting new covers done for the first three books, by James, and a cover for the fourth, and then they will be re-released into the world and I CAN’T WAIT! This is going to be so exciting!

So that’s it … for now! NINE books coming out (and there may be more), and for the first time in 6 years I’m not doing a How to Draw book … at this stage. If inspiration strikes on what I can draw I may do one, or I may not! I don’t know!

I’m so excited to see my books come out into the world and be read by kids, hopefully entertaining them and getting them excited about reading. Because I am super excited about writing, that’s for sure!

Have an amazing year, everyone!!! Let’s dominate!