Yes, there is exciting news, and it is to do with a project thought up by the weird and crazy minds of James Hart and Adam Wallace … which is me!!!!!

The project is about two crazy characters called Cowboy and Birdbrain. They are best friends, and they work for the IFFY delivery company, which only takes on the craziest, zaniest, most dangerousest delivery jobs of all!

Cowboy and Birdbrain Book 1 – Don’t Say the P Word, has been fully written, and James is working super hard on the illustrations. We are also soooooooooooooo lucky that the series has been taken on by the amazing Scholastic Australia, who are helping us with the entire process to make sure this is the most incredibly crazy and awesome book ever made in the history of books!

Stay tuned. Book 1 is due out in April next year, with Book 2 coming out later in the year! It’s gunna be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

July 29, 2018