Yes, it is 2018, and that means that around the world, there will be hundreds, thousands, millions of new books. Children’s books, books for adults, fiction, non-fiction, funny, scary, sad, romantic, there will be soooooooo many books this year that if you tried to count them all your head would probably explode.

True story.

So don’t try, because who’s going to clean that mess up? Not me!

Anyway, I also have a few new books coming out this year, and am very excited about that! There is a new How to Draw book (March 1), Rhymes With Pictures … the cover is just up above these word things.

There is also a new Jackson Payne book (May 1), Frantically Fantastic, which James Hart and I believe is our best one in the series yet!

How to Catch a Mermaid (July 1) and How to Catch a Turkey (September 1) are on their way, thanks to the amazing team at Sourcebooks and also the amazing illustrator Andy Elkerton!

What else … oh! Of course! I have a book coming out with EK Books in November!!!  It is called Invisible Jerry, and is being illustrated by the incredible Giuseppe Poli!

WEIRD, which is a follow up to my book RANDOM, will be out in April or May, depending on my illustrating skills!

And I am also working with the amazing team at Hurra Studios to create a special project I cannot talk about just yet! This one will be out in July with another one just discussed due out in October!

So there is lots going on! As always I will try and update as more books come into the picture, but it is going to be a big year and I am lovin’ it!

Sleep well and sweet dreams!


January 28, 2018

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