Okay. I just realised that the last post I did was almost exactly one year ago! Yep, I am so on the ball!

But I’ve been busy, I swear. I had to walk the dog. I had to wash my hair. I had to feed starving children to the homeless … wait … that’s not right.

Anyway, it has been a HUGE year! I have released 8 books (with 5 more to come before the end of the year), travelled to Slovenia, written over 300 poems and stories (including a 45,000 word horror novel), illustrated an entire book, visited near on 40 schools already, bought a house, done another impro comedy course, had the greatest night of my life, and washed my hair.

And it’s only September!

It’s been busy! So yes, sorry I haven’t posted ANYTHING this year, but gimme a break, man!!!!!!!

I’ll be better next year (probably not). I’ll try way harder (maybe). My hair will be shiny abnd silky smooth (what hair there is left!).

That’s it. For more news, ask my mum. She knows all about it and will tell you all about it!

July 3, 2017