Welcome to the BRAND NEW Adam Wallace website! It’s so brand new even I haven’t seen it, and I’m Adam Wallace!

It is still a work in progress, but there is a little bit up and about. Check out some of the books (more being added all the time), and buy a signed book if you like.

Yeah, that’s all it’s got so far. Sorry, not super exciting, but it will be! Oh man, it will be so exciting your head will explode into 37 pieces, which coincidentally is the number of plays Shakespeare wrote!

Okay, I have to go out, and then I am going to put more stuff on this website!

Adios amigos!

January 15, 2017

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  • Hi Adam!!
    We attended your cartooning workshop at Tarneit library!… My son loved it and we r buying your signed books to go on cartooning…

    Great job
    All the best

    Rukzana and Fahad

    • Hi Rukzana and Fahad. I already rep[lied but don’t think it worked, so this may or may not come through twice! Thanks so much for coming to the workshop and for your kind words, and also for your order! I will sign up the books and get them in the mail for Fahad asap!!!
      Thanks again and have a brilliant day!