Yes, I love doing school vists! In fact, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. Unfortunately, so I can write as many books as possible (and edit them too!), I can only do so many visits a year.

But whenever a school gets in touch, I will do whatever I can to sort something out!

Here are the main details of my visits!

PRESENTATION: Fun, exciting and interactive Writing and Cartooning in one!

I talk about my books, I tell the kids a technique or two, and then we all tell stories and make up awesome stuff. We do some crazy cartoon exercises, before drawing an awesome picture to take home. Even reluctant readers and drawers will find the work achievable and fun.

COSTS: Although my costs have been steady for a few years now, unfortunately the time has come where I will be raising them to astronomical levels, around $32,000,000 per session!

Just kidding, but I will be changing my prices from the start of next year. I am working out the finer details but please contact me at  or on 0432 720 450 for all the information.

MAXIMUM 4 sessions per day.

Age Range: My sessions are for Primary School students, anywhere from Prep to Grade 6.

Session Length: One hour is preferred, but if your timetable has 50 minute sessions, that’s great too!

Maximum Group Size: Up to around 125 students, but exceptions can be made!

Working With Children Check? CHECK! Yep, I have one.