The How to Draw series started when I was working in Before and After Care, and I don’t think it will EVER stop!!! In fact, Rhymes With Pictures has JUST been released!

Each book has 9 or 10 cartoon animals to draw, and all the instructions are rhyming stories! It’s heapsa fun! Rhymes With Cartooning also has an expression masterclass at the end, so you can create gajillions of awesome expressions!

Over 70,000 of these bad boys have sold! That’s thousands of people drawing thousands of UFO dogs, ¬†Pixie bats, Snowman penguins, and Bum cats! Awesome!

You can order your signed copies HERE and there’s more info on the drawing books HERE

Target Age Range: 5 to 75,000,000,001

Check out a video showing you how to draw a UFO Dog!!! He’s my favourite!