Yep, it’s 2019! That’s amazing. Why? Because I thought it was still 2018 and so bought some apples!

Anyway, it IS 2019, so that is very exciting, because it means that soon Collingwood will win the grand final, and soon I will eat rice pudding, and soon I will have heaps of new books out! True! The cover of one of them is above these words!

What other books, I hear you think? Well, here’s a list! If you click on the links, stuff will happen!

Books I am self-publishing: Stick (it to the) Man; Rhymes With Illustrations

Books through Scholastic: Cowboy and Birdbrain – Don’t say the P word; Cowboy and Birdbrain – Herman the Hermit; ‘Twas the Fart Before Christmas

Books through Hooray Heroes: Birthday book, Twins books and more!

Books through Sourcebooks: How to Catch a Unicorn, How to Catch a Dinosaur, How to Catch a Dragon (I think).

And I think that’s it … but that’s a lot! And I will be writing heaps more as well. I will try and keep you updated on it all!

February 3, 2019