November Appearances


Probably ‘cos of the calendar and stuff. And time. And the days and things.

Anyhoo. The year has flown and the last few months have been a mush of writing and drawing and about a million school visits! Now that times are easing at schools, I will be doing more writing, and will also be heading back out to the markets.

So in November I am at Red Hill Craft market on November 3, Yarra Glen Craft Market on November 4, Mornington Craft Market on November 11, St Catherine’s School Fete on November 17, and Lardner Park Craft Market on November 18! Whew!!!


ALSO, my brand new book, Invisible Jerry, is being released on November 1, which is HUGELY exciting. Like Jupiter huge!

As always though, if you can’t get to a market or if I don’t come to your school, or even if you can or even if I do, you can order books online through the website shop, and can put in a name so I can write a dedication too!

2018! Let’s party!

July 3, 2017