May Appearances

What month is it? Well, MAYbe I know, or MAYbe I don’t!

I do know. It’s May!!! And with May comes a bit of a reduction in markets for me, although I am out at many schools, and am also doing a talk at the Hastings Literary Festival on May 27th, which will be awesome fun!


I will also be writing, as I have new projects on the go and exciting times ahead with those. There are raps and songs and all sorts of things going on!

May is also exciting as Frantically Fantastic is being released, and so is WEIRD! Two brand new books! Can’t wait for them to get out into the world!

As always though, if you can’t get to a market or if I don’t come to your school, or even if you can or even if I do, you can order books online through the website shop, and can put in a name so I can write a dedication too!

2018! Let’s party!

July 3, 2017