July Appearances

Okay. So, ummm, well, in terms of appearances, there ain’t a lot going on in July! I do have a couple of schools in the last couple of weeks, but that’s it!

Yep, I’m taking me some time off markets and fairs and all of that, and I am writing up a storm! I have already written a first draft of a new How to Catch book, with a Thanksgiving theme, and near on 10,000 words on a new novel I started working on.

So that will be July. I’m Big Foot. I’m ¬†the Loch Ness Monster. I’m an alien spaceship. I’m ¬†nowhere and I’m everywhere. I’m a ghost!

But I will be back! Oh, yes, I’ll be back! Markets will resume and I will be at them with books and Vegemite sandwiches!

See you then!

July 3, 2017