November Appearances

It’s November! That means it is SIA month (yep, I’m going to the concert!)! It also means Ninja Inspiration has been released, and it also means more markets for me!

I will be at: Red Hill Craft Market on November 4, Yarra Glen Craft Market on November 5, the Pembroke P.S. Fete on November 10, Mornington Craft Market on November 12, The Mornington Twilight Market on November 18, Lardner Park Craft Market on November 19, The Haileybury Market in Berwick on November 25, then meeting Nathan for lunch on November 28, and SIA ON NOVEMBER 30!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully see you around the traps … as in, at a market, not a bear trap. I hopefully won’t see you there, because if I do either you or I will be crying!


July 3, 2017