May Appearances

Well, things are getting real now, with lotttttttttttttttts of school visits in May, which is AWESOME!!! Time to play and draw and tell stories, and that’s just the kids! But I get to do it too, so it’s super awesome!

Aside from that I will be at the Red Hill Craft Market on May 6th, and the Yarra Glen Craft Market on May 7th.

I am also a panel host at the AMAZING KidLit Meet the Publishers Seminar on May 20th, which I am really looking forward to. It is run and hosted by incredibly talented authors and illustrators, so just to be a part of it is really cool. I went last year to watch, and now I am in it!

And that’s pretty much it! That’s May appearances done and dusted! There won’t be too many more markets for the next few months, but they will start kicking in again around August!

Have an awesome month!

April 30, 2017